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City of Zurich improves system availability by proactive SAP monitoring

Published on 02.13.2017

syslink Xandria relieves IT teams from daily SAP checks

Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city, is known as a cosmopolitan financial center with a very diverse economy and high quality of life. The municipal government of Zurich invests heavily to enhance the city’s technological infrastructure to support a high volume of financial transactions and to attract new business.

In 2007, however, the city’s SAP environment grew increasingly more complex as a result of the City Council’s strategic and standardization initiatives. The burden of system monitoring became so fragmented that administrators had to resort to writing their own custom scripts just to keep up with daily monitoring operations.

Seeking an SAP monitoring system to reduce IT workload

Olaf Eichkorn, leader of SAP Basis Team for the Zurich IT Services Department (OIZ), knew something had to change. So, in 2007, the city embarked on a request for proposal and selection process to bring the enormous task of monitoring the follow systems:

  • 75 SAP systems
  • 35 additional application servers
  • 35 standalone databases
  • 5 SAP HANA instances

The highest priority requirement for the new system would be to relieve the load on IT staff. Due to limited budget for IT personnel, the new system would have to be less human resource intensive, both during the introduction and daily operation phases. The city narrowed their search down to two candidate systems.

Download the complete case study

Straightforward installation and auto-detection of all SAP systems

From the outset, syslink Xandria proved to be the simplest, most intuitive SAP monitoring solution for Zurich. “Setting up a Xandria environment including installation and configuration of three management agents took about four hours,” said Eichkorn. “Adding a fourth SAP system took another 30 minutes, and the fifth one required only 10 more minutes.”

Proactivly monitoring all production SAP systems of the City of Zurich

OIZ now monitors all production SAP systems of the City of Zurich, proactively detecting and responding to issues before they become problems. New systems can be added to the monitoring process in an efficient and effective way due with the following highlights:

  • Proactive monitoring leading to improved system availability
  • Extreme ease of use and automated checks, relieving IT teams of administrative burden
  • Very small footprint of Xandria management agent for better performance
  • Fast and competent support brings helps maximize system uptime

Download the complete case study


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